Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan, is popularly known as the Blue City. The city is a perfect combination of rich heritage and culture. It is equipped with colossal art and architecture such as forts, palaces, temples, and Havelis. The city is not only equipped with rich culture and heritage, but it is also the most technologically advanced city in Rajasthan.

To design a course for the state’s balanced and sustainable socioeconomic growth, the Hon. Chief Minister encouraged manufacturers, development organisations, and policymakers etc. to invest in Rajasthan, displaying the variety of exciting options that the state has to offer and encouraging people to take part in creating a bright future for all of us.










Expo is a wonderful platform to bring together international customers and local businesses focused on making Rajasthan as a global brand on the world stage The Rajashtan government met with investors, which resulted in the development of Rajasthan as an industrially developed state. Industrialists from all over the world were interested, and this expo gave them all a platform to showcase their products. It provides an opportunity to bring together international customers and local businesses focused on making Rajasthan a global brand.



Rajasthan’s culture, crafts, and infrastructure are a reflection of its grandeur and majesty. Rajasthani furniture is renowned for its elegance and beauty. It is made by experienced crafters using minute details and layering, which are exhibited by conventional floral designs and latticework.


Rajasthan’s textiles represent an amalgamation of generations of experimentation with fabric, handicraft skills, and a sharp eye for detail. Some of the most well-known items include Batik prints, Bandhani, Bagru prints, Sanganeri prints, Barmer prints, Jaipuri quilts, and Kota Doria clothing.
Rajasthan is highly recognised for its prints, which are widely exported. For fashion houses, Rajasthan is a significant producer of printed, coloured, and tie-dyed fabrics for the clothing industry. The makers have exceptional creative skills and are experts in patchwork, lace work, needlework, and hand decoration with beads and sequences. As resources in the state are less expensive and manufacturers produce goods at reduced costs, giving the clients a better price and lower overhead.


One of Rajasthan’s main attractions, is its delectable Culinary traditions. It is the world’s largest producer of guar and seed spices like coriander, cumin, fenugreek, fennel, mustard, oil seeds and soybeans.


Rajasthan is in charge of India’s resurgence of traditional kitchenware. Brass, copper, Kansa, and silver utensils had been a representation of tradition. The history of utensils in Rajasthan is extensive, spanning from opulent royal kitchens to ordinary homes and modern museums. Although they still have a place in most homes, the acceptance of western cookware has changed as a result of these utensils’ sobriety. The only factor in a modular kitchen that is crucial is quality.


Rajasthan is well-known for its jewellery business. For valuable and semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, garnets, agates, amethysts, topaz, lapis lazuli, carnelian, etc., it is a significant source for India, it is well-known for its Lac bangles, Kundan and Minakari, enamelled gold jewellery, uncut diamonds, and emerald-cutting.


The government has prioritised the manufacture of engineering goods and has put many changes into place to increase output. The demand for essential business support systems like logistics parks and warehouses will rise due to Rajasthan’s appeal as an investment location for both international and domestic enterprises.


The state of Rajasthan is usually associated with marble, sandstone, slate, and the granite industry. A significant granite industry has been developing in the state, where granites of a fairly wide range of colours are found within the state itself. The most popular materials from the Rajasthan granite industry are Desert Brown, Desert Green (also known as Splendor Green), and Devgarh Black. While the granite industry in Rajasthan keeps increasing in size as the growth becomes faster with better mining policies, Even stone industry people are all thinking or planning to diversify by investing in the granite industry.