Rajasthan Export Promotion Council is a not-for-profit organization, constituted under the Notification of the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Rajasthan. The Council has been incorporated as a Company U/S 8 of the Indian Companies Act 2013. The Council will be working under the close guidance and assistance of the Government of Rajasthan. The REPC will work for the promotion of Exports in the state as per the provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy of the Government of India and policies of the Government of Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan Export Promotion Council is committed to working for the overall development of all manufacturing, service, and business sectors right from entrepreneurship development, export infrastructure development, and export ecosystem development in Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Export Promotion Council shall coordinate with all the stakeholders in the value chain and the whole process of exports to establish and enhance contacts within and outside India for better business growth.

The Rajasthan Export Promotion Council shall work as a common umbrella for all sectors and all types of enterprises. The Council shall also execute the suggestions of the State level apex coordination committee (Rajasthan Export Promotion Coordination Committee). The council also aims to handhold the enterprises and help them explore business opportunities across the globe with the broader aim to project India as the top exporter in the World.


(A). Main objects to be pursued by the Company are :-

  1. To support, protect, maintain, increase and promote exports from Rajasthan.
  2. To develop, promote & support Export Oriented Industries & their allied activities in Rajasthan.

(B). Objects Ancillary or Incidental to the attainment of Main Objects are:-

  1. To grant awards, scholarships, or suitable financial assistance to deserving persons in the field of export sector.
  2. To organize & participate in International/national exhibitions, fairs, seminars, workshops, conferences and buyer-seller meets.
  3. To represent to central, state, local governments, corporations and other bodies, the problems encountered by the export trade and to seek proper remedies.
  4. To promote and exchange the latest technological development for export promotion.
  5. To provide consultancy, technical and commercial assistance in the field of export.
  6. To maintain a library and publish literature, periodicals and house journal in the field of exports.
  7. To send out trade missions from the State to foreign countries for export promotion.
  8. To educate members about the market situations, opportunities and avenues in the international market about Indian products exported from Rajasthan.
  9. To maintain a modern data bank on exports statistics and collect and disseminate information in the field of export sector.
  10. To establish a permanent display center for catalogues, brochures, products, machinery, tools, consumables, etc.
  11. To prepare guidelines for prospective exporters, marketing professionals etc.
  12. To take consultancy for regional and product/service specific issues encountered by the industry/trade.
  13. To arbitrate and settle disputes between the members and foreign buyers when referred to and help maintain a good spirit of business relationship amongst the members